So That’s It?

30% OF THE VOTE counted, they call the election for Obama, turn off the cameras and go to bed?

See. This is why I don’t watch network TV on election nights. I just sit there, struggling to stay awake, my gut churning, trying to move the vote count in my favor with my mind…

Well, THERE’s your problem!


If the vote were moved by means of the mind, no Democrat would ever get elected.

Heh. Ba-dump-bump! Tip your waitress; she’ll be here all week. But da doll…? Not so much.

You know this means the country’s over. Not only did Obama win, but the Democrats will retain control of the Senate.

Oh, the country will still be here. It just will bear no resemblance to its design, history, or public self-description. It just won’t be the same.

Oh, it hasn’t been the same for years.

Yeah. True. Over a hundred, in fact.

Oh, and you can peddle that “we get the government we deserve” bullshit somewhere else. I fought this. When I think about it, I’ve been fighting it — to whatever degree of effectiveness — most of my life. What I’m getting is the government YOU deserve, and I’m NOT happy. And I do not intend to be pleasant about it, either. In fact, I intend to be a stone bastard about it.

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