So ‘Splain Me This

TO ME, WOULDJA? Perusing Marko’s Monday Search Term Safari, I came across this item about how it’s a Bozo No-No to put a buttstock on a pistol, because that would make a short-barrelled rifle (SBR).

Which presumably would be like a faster computer allowing you to go to hell at warp speed; SBRs would seem to have the downside of both pistols (short barrel = diminished accuracy) and rifles (butt stock = longer and harder to conceal). So why would you want one?

The butt stock would make the entire platform more stable, thus more accurate than the unmodified pistol.

Yebbut. Why not just — oh, I dunno — just carry a rifle?

I mean… doesn’t the whole thing revolve around concealment? And aren’t easily-concealable weapons, by this standard, somehow not cricket? As in, you’re not supposed to carry concealed, because that’s sneaky and not according to The Cowboy Way?

Except that, these days, most polities find it preferable to issue CCW permits than to just “let” people carry openly — presumably because that doesn’t scare the white folks?

Wassamattachoo? You expect logic and sanity from government regulation?

::sigh:: I guess not.

I just… Sometimes, I feel like Rip Van Winkle, not having been immersed in the gun culture since I was a kid. Things have changed so much.

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