So Obama Wanted to

(SCORN QUOTES) “calibrate” the national response to the threat posed by the chariots-of-fire-in-your-shorts bomber.


This reminds me of a bit by Gallagher. You know: the guy who sledgehammers watermelons as a part of his show.

The bit is part of a rant about baseball and how boring it is. I’m not saying one way or the other, myself, but it’s apposite. Gallagher goes on at some length about how the pitcher and the catcher can be so slow at delivering a pitch. The catcher will pass a sign to the pitcher. The pitcher shakes it off. Another. Not that one, either. Gallagher says, “These guys have got all freakin’ day to get their acts together. They’re together on the plane, on the bus, in the hotel room, the locker room. They have to wait until they get on the freakin’ field before they decide what they’re gonna throw?”

If the President has to take time after an incident to “calibrate” his response, it tells me he hasn’t been paying the requisite attention to his primary, fiduciary duty — that of commander-in-chief of America’s armed forces.

Of course, Obama doesn’t believe America should have armed forces, so that’s alright by him.

But to me, it just reinforces the notion that the man is in over his head.

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