So It’s Finally Happening

THIS WHOLE THING we predicted back — oh, hell — maybe in the Carter administration? This thing that was found so risibile in thought experiments: (“What if we’d had to read Japs their rights during a firefight on Suribachi?”) This odious concept of granting manifest outlaws the protection of law — when they wouldn’t summarily execute air pirates on the tarmac? Maybe that far back?

The Gorelick Principle (if you can call it a principle) has finally come to full fruition and the U.S. Government (I refuse to say “We” because I had and will have no part of it) is now requiring of its agents that they mirandize unlawful enemy combatants captured on the field of battle.

Thus deprecating my rights as a citizen of the Republic.

How so, Alger?

It makes being an American citizen just that one whit less special. Yet another in a long line of degradations we have suffered at the hands of the bloated tyrants in Washington. What makes it even harder to take is you know the State Department won’t exert even a tenth as much effort defending the rights of American citizens in trouble abroad. Hey! If our laws apply to unlawful enemy combatants on foreign fields of battle, how much more so should they apply to American citizens being held up for a bribe in some Third World hellhole?

I predict this results in a sudden drop in the number of prisoners taken…

(“Was he surrendering? Oh, snap! Hey, how ’bout them Yankees?”)

…and pray that none of our brave men and women in uniform end up getting court-martialed over it.

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