So Ice-mageddon Is Supposed

TO HAVE DESCENDED UPON the Ohio Valley, just as it has the rest of the Midwest, but so far… notsomuch.

As of 11:30, we got bupkis. At least the 100% has precipitated. The pavements are wet. But nothing more is coming down, and the temps are balmy in the mid-30s.

And I was so looking forward to calling in slick in the morning.


What do you mean, Dolly?

By mocking the Weather Gods, you have just jinxed yourself. Now, they will deliver whatever weath would be the most perverse for you. If you get an email overnight that demands you make it into work in the morning — panic in the world of rock ‘n’ roll — then the roads will be impassible. If, on the other hand, it would be nice for you to sleep in and not go to work until the ice thaws in the afternoon, then … the streets will be clear and dry at the morning rush hour.

Well! Aren’t you Little Miss Sunshine?

Update: Early reports are that things aren’t nearly as bad as predicted. Temperature right now is just above or right at freezing. Salt the walks. Streets are OK (City put down beet juice yesterday). No calling in slick today. ::sigh::

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