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OVER AT GROUCH’S place (He’s Old Grouch to you, but I’m a lot closer to his age, so I just call him Grouch.) (OK. That didn’t save any words, did it? So much for shortening things.) On his semi-regular weekend cats roundup. In which he noted:

Also, there’s currently a Fuzzy Tummy on the front page, but Mark doesn’t permlink his images.

Referring to the “pix” item at the bottom of Friday’s column, a picture of Loki from February of last year.

I have heard this plaint a couple of times. (Which, given BTB’s minuscule readership, means, “I hear that a lot.”) The reason those images aren’t permalinked is that they aren’t properly posts. However, the URLs are not protected in any way, so you can copy the address by right clicking on the image and selecting [your browser’s equivalent to] Copy Image Address.

As to what constitutes not a proper post, it’s this: page decoration. The pictures that (are supposed to — I’ve gotten lazy recently) appear at the bottom of each weekday’s column are not intended to be consequential or worthy of being linked to. They’re just page decoration, on a level with horizontal rules or the dingbats and logos print magazines put at the bottom of articles. In fact, they are often “quotes” — narrow slices cropped out from larger pictures published elsewhere on BTB.

And, here lately (as in over the past week), I’ve taken to re-using old ones. Thus the 18-month-old pic of Loki that Grouch was referring to.

Now, I freely admit that it would be a lot easier for readers to refer to the images on BTB if I were a bit more organized and had archival listings of old posts and pictures. I keep meaning to do something about that but find that round tuits are in short supply. The Obama economy, doncha know. Someday, you’ll be able to find all articles and pictures by topic, subject, original post date. Yeah. right. And unicorns are even this moment crapping Skittles and pissing rainbows all over the White House lawn.

And, given the weak state of our traffic and linkage, I really should thank Old Grouch for the link. Thanks, man! I can use all the help I can get.

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