So I Am Intrigued

TO READ A NOTE at Kristine M. Smith’s blog that the first four Jani Killian books are out of print and that she will be bringing them out in ebook format soonish. This is welcome news and I hope it implies (as I infer) that she has gotten the rights reverted from Harper Collins. (More the fools they, but then, a publisher that lets a promising midlist career die on the vine for lack of said publisher’s effort is a fool by definition.) I also hope she reaps mondo monetary reward from the effort. These are some of MY favoritest books and I’ve always thought that she was shabbily treated. (Smith. Killian was well-treated, albeit auctorially abused as a matter of fiction.)

As Smith notes in the blog post, the books are available in used book stores. If you’re lucky enough to find them, grab them. Well worth it.

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