So Dodd is Claiming

THAT HE DIDN’T insert — didn’t know the language had been inserted — that all contracts entered into before date certain are to be honored.

Fair enough.

It was probably loaded in there by some aide or other, because IT’S BLACK-LETTER LAW! It’s required by the Constitution. You can’t abrogate a contract after the fact except in very straitened situations, and an ultra-vires handout of taxpayer cash to companies that ought to be going through Chapter 11 bankruptcy isn’t one of them.

(But, it should be noted, Chapter 11 is.)

Right in one, Dolly!

Now, in law, there is a presumption that you oughtta’ve known. In many cases, it amounts to a “gotcha.” You can be utterly innocent of ill intent and still run afoul of some distant law. It’s a fault of the leviathan state. But in this case… not so much. If you’re supposed to be competent in a given activity, you can’t claim you were ignorant of a fundamental of that activity as a get-out from under blame for fucking up on that point.

Which is what Dodd is doing. If he wants to be a legislator, then he needs to be competent in the law. At least as competent as your ordinary citizen. Eh? He oughtta’ve known that there’d be — there’ have to be — a provision in the law protecting existing contracts.

So he’s incompetent to be a legislator.

And the hits just keep on coming.

Truly, Dolly. If you pay attention to Democrats, they write their opponents’ campaign commercials for them.

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