So… Congress and the

ADMINISTRATION WANT you to get your panties in a ruck over the whole thing AIG’s paying performance bonuses to employees who — you know — performed.

And it looks as though they’re going to try to pull back the bonus money, and use that as a stalking horse for further regulation of the insurance industry to boot.

And nobody says anything about Congresscritters being exposed to charges of libel. (Or is that slander?) Do they?

And, of course, by the time the FedGov gets around to deciding you make too much money and they reach down to make you hand over part of your salary. Wages. Tips. Whatever. It’ll be too late to really do much effective about it. And Yet Another slice of the liberty salami will have been… sliced off.

First they came for the stockbrokers, and I said nothing because … dig it … I’m not a greedy bastard.

You mean to say they don’t do that already?

Do what?

I mean… Isn’t that what a tax is? DC’s way of saying you make too much money?

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