So Bored

WITH THE Boomer bashing. The latest one starts with Walter Russell Mead, who uses as his metynomic lead some maunderings about the Who’s “My Generation.” Nice try, but the Who — like most of the British Invasion — were/are not Boomers, but are war babies. And, if you don’t think there’s a difference, you haven’t been paying attention.

And, mentonymy may take a part to symbolize the whole, but to take the part — inspired and led by war and depression babies, as well as foreign agitprops, the parents of red diaper babies — is mistaken. If you’re going to use a symbol, you should make sure it accurately — you know — syombolizes what you’re attempting to metonymize. Otherwise, all you’re committing is a category error.

Which turns into a straw man argument. Such as…

The Boomers? Have invented nothing. Have discovered nothing.Have generated wealth only in bubbles based on intenet (also invented by their parents as ARPANet) fantasy.

…from the comments.

To which I have two names: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates. Who ARE Baby Boomers.

Suck it, dickface.

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