SO IT OCCURS TO ME that one reason there isn’t as much griping about the price of gas as influenced by corn-fed ethanol (and the accompanying rise in food costs) is that… Well… So you grab a bag of frozen kernels from the freezer case at your neighborhood Kroger. Sure it may say, “Kroger” on the bag – or Green Giant or Birdseye – but, really, who MADE the corn that goes into that bag? You don’t know, do you? So, where your money goes… well, you can stop buying it, but who does that help?

Does this sound a little like why medicine costs so much? You just submit the bill (or, worse, your providers do) to the insurance company and it gets paid – less your 20% or whatever your copay is. You don’t know where the money comes from or where it’s going, really. (OK, well, yeah, it comes from your productivity at your job, but you never see that. You’re working for the twenty bucks a week you put in your wallet to buy a beer on Friday. The rest of it just… drains away and you never really see it.

But, really. There is a Big Corn, and they’re paying off congresscritters to rip you off.

Oh, and the poor schmuck who tills his 532 acres of high-yield Pioneer Breed 153 or whatever is on the sign isn’t getting rich off it, either. It’s somebody else up the food chain. The farmer gets the shaft along with the rest of us.

Blah! I’m sound like a Young Pioneer or something.

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