Snow Day!

AS I NOTED in Tam’s comments (or maybe Roberta’s), I think Cincinnati and environs got the snow that Indy was supposed to get. We got da dump overnight Monday and on into the day Tuesday. This was the scene that greeted us looking out our front door in the pre-dawn gloom Tuesday morning.

Now, those of you in less clement climes might find this hard to believe, but 4-6 inches of snow is a major event in Cincinnati. Not because it should be, but because it’s unusual. We don’t get a lot of it, so it haywires us. Plus: being situated in and near a river valley — and not just any river valley, but at the confluence of four major rivers in the system that drains the entire area between the Appalachians and the Mississippi, almost to the Gulf, and almost to the Great Lakes, we are on a lot of riverbanks here. Tall riverbanks. 200-300-foot and more riverbanks. We call them hills, but I imagine they would scare a Kansan acquainted with the term. And what they do when the friction coefficient of pavement approaches zero — as it’s wont to do under heavy snowfall — is make travel impossible.

Needles to say, I didn’t go to work. I emailed everybody I could think of — because I had no idea who ELSE might not be able to make it (the one owner who lives closest, lives on top of another one of those riverbanks) — to say I would be taking a vacation day. This on top of being sick Monday. Sucks to be me.

Of course, nobody consulted me (not that I expect them to), so I have no idea whether or not anybody made it in. The production manager, for instance, lives in farm country over by the airport. Yeah, they plow the runways and the beltway, but the state and county roads — not so much. The other owner lives on a side street off a hill I remember getting stuck on back in my cab driving days. Back when I was young and stupid and driving a fleet Plymouth. I wouldn’t blame him for putting his feet up by the fire. And so it goes.

To stave off the boredom, I worked on the Great Study Project. It was that or a Twilight Zone marathon on SciFi. I. Don’t Think. So. I know it’s probably not kewl, but I never did like the Twilight Zone. Even in the ’60s, it seemed lame compared to what I found in books. Now… Bleah.

And they’re saying Wednesday could be worse. We may not get as much snow, because there’ll ice.

That will not be pretty.

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