Sky Update

SO O.G. (that’s Old Grouch, not Og), in comments shows one of my shortcomings as a writer — the failure to do adequate exposition. Yes, as was explained there, Schuyler (pronounced SKYlur — it’s Dutch, OK) is one of our three new kitties. I also didn’t explain ‘way back that Isabelle was the mother of the three of them, but did not come home with them. She’s off somewhere else — one hopes, recently spayed. Sky, Jazz, and Aqua are rescue kitties, you see. And that’s how rescue works — you capture a feral cat or a stray, get it treated, and (one hopes — this being the point of the exercise) find a home for it.

I do that all the time — forget key details. Then readers ask questions about a story that throws me into a tail loop.

Anyway. Sky.

He seems a little better today. He’s had his ups and downs, but, at the end of the day… no, literally, coming up on Midnight … he seems somewhat improved. He’s able to stand on his own, albeit wobbily.

Does that mean in the manner of a wobb?

I suppose. You mean to say that I can’t create an adverb form to distinguish it from the adjective, wobbly? And wouldn’t that be wob — one “b”?

I wouldn’t say he’s through the woods, but he can see there from here. What’s more, he’s actually looking to see, not staring down at the ground all despondent and stuff.

And thanks, Old Grouch (I really have a hard time to keep from typing your name) for directing thought traffic this way.

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