Sitting in for Rush on Monday

MARK DAVIS SOUNDED to me to be being very much a political ecumenical — don’t scare the moderates. He said we need to persuade people to vote for a Republican for the first time in their lives.

I beg to demur.

What we need to do is persuade people who don’t see a dime’s worth of difference to trust the Republican party to run a candidate who sincerely espouses their values.

In this, I think Rush is right. Most people, regardless of how they may vote, live their own lives by conservative values. Those values are, after all, the majority viewpoint in the country. In fact, I believe there is only a very narrow sliver of a minority on the extreme Left wing who manage to influence the chattering classes and the self-selected ruling classes in a leftward direction. The overwhelming bulk of the rest of us are appalled at the profligate behavior of the govering class, find their rutting lack of a public or private moral compass disgusting, and their arrogance and condescension … well, off-putting.

Which includes a lot of people who have trusted Democrats for decades on the basis of their claims of compassion and may be slowly awakening to the manifestly un-compassionate nature of the Left’s public policy prescriptions.

People who, along with others who call themselves Independents because they cannot bring themselves to trust either party without reservation, but also tend toward live-and-let-live, toward fiscal prudence, and prefer private initiatives to state mandates, may vote for a strong, full-throated defender of liberty and the Constitution, where a go-along-to-get-along ecumenist looks to them a lot like more of the same.

Which brings me to the conclusion that delivering more of the same — more ecumenism, more soft-pedalling unpleasant truth, more watering down of the bedrock principles of the Republic’s founding — that stuff isn’t going to sell.

Which, to me, explains quite handily the rapid, wide, and deep success of the Tea Party. And leads me to believe — as I have stated many times — that political ecumenism is an electoral loser.

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