Sissy Asks, “Why

CAN’T THEY leave us alone?”


I’ve always thought, based on the structure and clear intent of the Constitution, that that was the default position. That, indeed, anything else constituted an infringement on that “endowed by their Creator” inalienable right to liberty. And here lately, even to life. And, as such, was just plain un-American.

And the number one expected response from a citizen being imposed upon by a government overstepping its bounds is, “Oh, Hell no!” and then: “You don’t get to DO that,” enforced by that pesky Second Amendment thing. That shooting at tax collectors is — if not praiseworthy — at the very least justifiable.

Hard to do these days. The gubmint is more interested in defending itself than in performing its fiduciary duties. And it’s one-two-three, “When in the course of human events…” time.

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