Shouting “Fire!” on a Crowded Planet

AN OFT-VOICED CANARD of the neo-fascist, soi-disant — scorn quotes — “progressive” Left is that the right to free speech is not absolute, that you cannot shout “fire!” in a crowded theater.

Like most of the shibboleths of the Left, it’s not so — not by half.

If there really is a fire, you not only have the right, you have the obligation to inform the crowd that they should vacate the premises.

And here’s the part the Left misses because, well, they think all behavior should be consequence-free.

If what you say is not true, or your manner of telling the truth causes panic, resulting in death or injury (or even damage to property), then you’re liable for those consequences.

That should illustrate the line between rights and responsibilities — show where the concept of a right properly ends for one person and is met with the reciprocal right (to life or property) of the next person over.

As leftists have boundary issues (always sticking their noses in other people’s business, for instance), this fact somehow escapes them.

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