THERE’S AN ATTITUDE necessary to success in art encapsulated in Picasso’s “All artists borrow; great artists steal.” It comes from the same place as that line from David Bowie’s “Fame” — it can make [a man] loose and hard to swallow.

There’s a fine line between the strength of ego necessary to pull off art — mediocre, good, or great — and hubris. It combines a solid understanding of your abilities and limitations — coupled with a refusal to accept the latter with grace — with a confidence in your vision and a willingness to go mach three with your hair on fire to realize it.

It results in a certain bravura in the presentation that can take many forms. It can be a quiet calm or it can be a loud, stormy — slightly messy — cacophony.

But it most definitely starts with the ability — the chops — to get your point across.

Looking for skins for my new WinAMP, I stumbled across this young man, Bahmet — which I’m mentally giving that Mideastern gutteral, rendering it BACHmet. Dunno if that’s right, but it sounds right to me. The site’s in the Cyrillic alphabet, and I assume the language is Russian, since the TLD is. But the art speaks for itself. Check him out. Enjoy.

He’s got it.

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