Shifting the Dialectic

THE PARTY ON THE LEFT doesn’t like it when you refer to their front organization as The Democrat Party. The proper name (what they call themselves), they tell you, is The DemocratIC Party. And you should call it by that name.


The First Amendment may prevent the state from insisting on truth in political advertising, and I suppose that insisting on it (truth, that is) may turn into drowning the baby in the bathwater before throwing both out.

But We the People are not the state. And we may insist on truth in political advertising, be we so moved. In fact, we should.

So, therefor, to call a party which is neither democratic in its internal behaviors (Just watch Democrats run Congress when they’re in control, if you don’t believe me.) nor in its public policy prescriptions (Viz: the recent calls for the suspension of congressional elections next year from members of the Democrat party.) would be the height of disingenuousness.

BUT! But. But… The party is composed of self-named Democrats. We may give them that. So we call it the Democrat party.

And they can throw hissy-fits, or they can get over their petty selves. I. Don’t Give. A. Shit.

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