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THIS MEME from Marko — The Top Five Most Embarrassing Albums On My iPod: (via Tam) are:

1. I don’t have an iPod, which ought to be an embarrassment in and of itself, but, somehow, I cannot be induced to care.

2. By the time iPods had come around, I was long-past any embarrassment over my taste in music. I will freely admit liking the Monkees — who were suddenly cool for awhile there in the ’90s. Same for Herb Alpert and Nancy Sinatra. OK, with Nancy, it wasn’t a musical thing. That scoop-necked sweater got more teenaged boys hot under the… collar than anything. But I don’t listen to any of that stuff anymore, because — and this brings us to…

3. The stuff I have that could get ripped (if it hasn’t already), is really high-grade stuff because — well — all the embarrassing stuff is on vinyl and hasn’t been replaced by CDs, yet. So, if I had an iPod, or if I allowed what’s on my external 300GB USB HDD to stand in for an iPod’s-worth of tunes, it would be the epitome of coolth, from Al di Meola’s Kiss My Ax to the brand new items from U2 and Tori Amos, (No Line on the Horizon and Abnormally Attracted to Sin respectively). While I wouldn’t recommend the U2 item too highly, it’s hardly uncool. Not to the level of Bon Jovi or Duran Duran, both of which I have on vinyl (and got free, BTW).

4. De Gustibus. What I consider just fine and dandy, some latter-day youth in tight black jeans and a bad haircut might consider so outré as to require defenestration. (“That’s if fer ‘im, then.” — name that TV show.) I mean — Basia? Clannad? I remember one time Hank Williams, Jr.’s tour manager giving me stick for liking both Maxfield Parrish and Bryan Ferry. It all depends on where you stand. I can cheerfully say that none of it embarrasses me. What’samattawhitchoo, Bay-bee? (Name that tune.)

All that said, here are some candidates.

1: The aforementioned Basia’s Sweetest Illusion (and nothing else from her doubtless large ouevre.

2: A Target store-label item called World Flutes, which I like, but which even New Age-y types cringe when I mention it.

3: Enya. Five albums. And I’m contemplating getting her latest, too. How sick is that?

4: Hootie and the Blowfish’s Musical Chairs. Someday, they may be remembered as one-hit wonders behind “I Will Wait.”

5: The really embarrassing thing, I guess, is how much stuff I really like that isn’t in my electronic collection. I feel sometimes as though I’ve been a bad steward to it. Some day I’m going to make a list of all of our vinyl albums and start looking for CD replacements.

Better hurry. The CD isn’t going to last much longer.

I doubt that. Sure, electronically-delivered music has passed physical media in sales volume for the first time this year. But that hardly means that the demand for physical media is inconsiderable. Hell, there’s enough demand for vinyl still to make it a vibrant market. CDs will be around for awhile, yet.

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