Seems the The Times

HAS FORGOTTEN THE key to success in the media business. It apparently thinks that the daily paper (or its web content) is its product and that the readers are its customers. As evidenced by Althouse‘s reaction, that ain’t so by half.

The newspapers customers are the advertisers. The readers — or, rather, their eyeballs — are the product which is sold to those advertisers. The content of the paper — or the website — is the bait, by which the paper attracts the readers, whose attention the paper then sells to the advertisers.

And, when the paper drives away its readers — either with bad content or with greedy grabby ways — it eventually drives away in turn the advertisers.

And it’s one, two, three, where’s your breakfast?

So, whether or not the leopard can change his spots, it’s probably not a good idea for him to try.

Something like that, Dolly.

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