Seems As Though the Good Sense

IS SHAKING OUT as I probably should have known it would. Darling Rachel frex.

I’m not a big proponent of ecumenism and civility. We’re not in this to understand or tolerate leftists, we’re in it to defeat them, utterly, totally, completely, finally and for good. We need to make leftism as much a constituent of the ashheap of history as feudalism (which, I maintain, it resembles in several significant aspects).

BUT. But. But…

I don’t see any point in extending the hand across the aisle, only to have the arm ripped off and used as a club to beat you silly about the head and shoulders. At least, not any more than once.

But neither do I see any point to descending to the spittle-flecked, Rumplestiltskin rage that the Left has exhibited since Dubya was nominated back in Ought-Zero.

The Right has, by en large, arguments founded in fact, logic, and common sense. We don’t need to distract from our own failings by pointing, flapping, and sputtering. Not because we don’t have failings — we are, after all, frail flesh — but because the stong points of our positions for the good of all mankind far outweigh the weak ones.

We don’t need to give the Left back the same as they gave us. We have better stuff. Let’s use it.

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