Scoundrels and Last Resorts

GOV. JENNIFER GRANHOLM of Michigan levels the charge at Rush Limbaugh that he is unpatriotic for his criticism of the Chevrolet Volt — which it took the firing of a CEO to get the company’s mind right with.

I would remind our friend from the Great White North (Can a Canadian be a carpetbagger?) that — to quote a great american — the business of America is business. And markets — business — exist for the benefit of the buyer, not the seller nor uninterested third parties…

Oh, they’re interested, alright!

I mean that in a legal sense. In a proper sense, neither the state nor environmentalists have a proper interest in a transaction between GM and a private buyer of an automobile. They are gratuitously intermeddling in affairs not their own when they steal money at gunpoint and “give” it — entailed as it is — to a business to bribe it — against the interests of the business and its customers — to manufacture and sell a product nobody would pay a price based on the real costs of manufacture and sales… at a price that constitutes dumping, as it was referred to when the UAW accused Japanese carmakers of doing it back in the ’80s.

This is not only uneconomical, it is criminal. And for the United States government to coerce this tavesty into being is anything but patriotic. Resistance of it would therefore be the highest level of patriotism.

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