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Testosterone from ballsI HAVE CONCEIVED this desire to put an image of a model of a testosterone molecule on the cover of my novel, The High-T Affair. Being an acquisitive sort, I saw a ball-and-stick model of one in the Wikipedia article and decided I had to have one of my own.

Easy peasy, I thought. After all, I have several 3D packages, including the big kahuna, 3DS Max, and Modo 601. I should be able, with very little google.fu, to find a model that I can import into a scene and use there.

Not so much.

OK. There should be a way to find out how to make one from scratch. And, sure enough, there’s all kinds of packages. Problem is, I suspect, they assume more knowledge than I have or could get within a reasonable period of time. I might want to get it later, but right now, I have limited time.

So, before I abandon this quest for good and ever (or do something else), I thought to ask youse guys if anybody might know where I could get one or learn how to make one in a bog standard 3d package without boning for my piled higher and deeper. Anybody? Beuller?

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