Saturday Progress

THE PILE OF BOARDS below may not look like much…

Looks pretty much like a pile of boards.

Yes, but let it stand in metonymy for the accomplishments of my day yesterday. ‘Cause I actually got quite a bit done.

One of the main bits of progress is conceptual. I’d guess that happens a lot. You get stalled trying to figure something out and, allofasudden, the logjam breaks up and it’s asses and elbows for progress there for awhile.

I’d been planning to make the bookshelves on the south wall of the study next to Toni’s desk the same as the ones on the east wall next to mine. But the situations are different, and the differences had me stalled as to how to deal with them. Then, yesterday, thanks to consultations with Toni and Og (not at the same time), I had a change of mind that will lead, I think, to a cleaner solution — and one that’s easier to build, which is — pace Martha — a Good Thing.

Instead of building the thing in-place, and struggling with the methods for attaching it all to the wall, I’m going to build it all of a piece and fasten it to the wall as a single unit. This is actually a good bit closer to standard practice in cabinetmaking. It implies that some of the tricks I wanted to play won’t work — can’t conceal the mounting screw heads, for one — but it should make for a much faster build.

Here’s a rendering of the skematic. Now I have to make a plan, but I should be able to whip one up pretty quickly. The pale purple boxes are previously-hung cabinets. The tan boards are vertical members, the chartreuse boards are shelves and/or the tops and bottoms of the case, the blue boards are nailers, and the red panels are the masonite backs (which will be painted a brick-y red to match the walls).

This was greatly expedited by Toni’s decision to quit trying to use the cabinet box I’d abandoned when my under-desk cabinet grew in width by a foot. I built a new box for that and hung the factory doors on it. And we were left with this box. I was pretzelling myself all up and superstrung trying to figure out how to work. Finally, I forced it on Toni by making a drawing with paper cutouts and saying, in effect, “Tell me what you want.” The resulting decision was to hang the box on the west wall below a previously-installed cabinet.

And that was the first thing I did yesterday. Then I trimmed the edge banding on the boards I’d done during the week and hot glued some more banding on shelving boards and precut boards. Then I got all that trimmed down. And for the grand finale, I cut a bunch of shelf blanks (see above). Those will get routed to final size and square to match up the masters for each bay. With luck and a bit of effort, I should be able to get the whole affair to the same state today — edged, ripped, cut to-length, and (I hope), routed to final size. Then tomorrow, I should be able to drill for pocket screws and sand and apply sanding sealer across the — pun intended — board.

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