Said This Before, But

IT BEARS REPEATING. Isn’t it funny how “big” is a bad thing except when it comes to government? That private enterprise — what happens when the people get together and exercise their economic and social power to the benefit of themselves and society at large …. voluntarily and spontaneously — is a bad thing when it gets too big for its britches, but big government — wasteful, corrupt, oppressive, overweening, coercive, anti-scientific, anti-human, anti-democratic, stupid, ossified, retrograde, murderous… that’s a Good Thing, (pace Martha).

I really want to see the term statism take on the level and intensity of opprobrium that racism has now. After all, the former has killed more people by orders of magnitude than the latter. In fact, I submit that racism cannot thrive in the absence of statism. At least, not with maximum lethality.

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