Sad News

OUR CURMUDGEON has announced that he will be shutting down Eternity Road as of the first of next month. It’s a shame it has to end — like many, I got a lot of pleasure out of reading there daily. But all good things come to an end, and — when you think about it, between ER and the Palace of Reason, Fran has had an incredible string of hits. Anybody can get tired and frustrated, wanting to do other things, but feeling burdened by the blog. I completely understand. But I also know we’ll miss it, here at BTB, and will keep an eye out for Fran and his alter ego to pop up around the Intertubes and sure to delight. And, as one of the reasons Fran has given for shutting down ER is so he can pay more attention to his fictioneering, here’s hoping we’ll have occasion down the road to cheer the decision as ultimately a wise one.

All the best in your endeavors, Fran. You’ll be in our thoughts always.

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