Rush Says “The Freeloaders Don’t Wanna Lose

THE GRAVY TRAIN and the teachers go ballistic!

“We work our asses off! We work hard! We take our work home every night! We could earn more in the private sector as hard as we work!”

It isn’t about how hard you work. I work my ass off. My salary’s been cut because my productivity is down. Not my fault; just the vicissitudes of the marketplace. It’s about your productivity. What you produce. And, baby, what you produce sucks. 50% dropout rates. Unbelievable percentages of those who do graduate can’t even read their diplomae. Democrat voters. The output of the American public schools is a freaking disgrace.

If your pay was based as it should be on your productivity, you’d be paying us to teach in the schools. But what’s sure is, with that attitude, in the private sector, you’d be the one with the headset asking, “You want fries with that?”

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