Romney Never Really

IMPRESSED ME all that much to begin with. For one thing there’s — check it out — Massachusetts led the way to Obamacare under Romney. People, this tendency to truckle with socialism is not a republican (small-r) virtue. If you will, you may look upon socialism and other strains of the collectivist syndrome as a political Original Sin — bent on enslaving all men everywhere to a vision of the Almighty State which has already been Q.E. Demonstrated to be made of FAIL. And you may — should — view any who would compromise with such evil as tainted with it themselves.

But then this man-who-would-be-President reaches out of his gutter and attempts to drag Sarah Palin down into it.

You know what we In the Right say about those who spew ad hominem attacks — that they have no stronger meritorious argument.

As Ms Bruce says, no more free shots on Sarah Palin. And that includes taking Governor Palin as a metonomous part to symbolize the whole. No more free shots on any anti-statist leader. Especially not from proponents of the failed statist regime.

Cut ’em dead.

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