Rob Allen

TAKES ON A SERIES of stupid TV ads for Broadview (nee: Brinks) Home Security with a similar outlook to the one I’ve expressed here before.

These commercials are utter crap. The threats are real (although probably not as cliché as the ads make them appear), but the sense of security of a beeping alarm and a reassuring phone call are, quite possibly, lethally naive.

Sure, there are a few idiots who will run at a high pitched siren, but even the most sophomoric criminals know that the cops are a long ways away and have plenty of time to ply their trade.

Seriously, so what if Broadview calls you? What good is that going to do someone? “This is Broadview Security, we’re calling because there’s an alarm and we want to record the sounds of you being raped and stabbed to death”. That’s a lot of good.


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