Ripper Murdock Grilled

IN FRONT OF A RIGHT lot of pratts and wankers in Parliament gets attacked by a foaming-at-the-mouth mad dog protester. And, of course, the government’s security guys couldn’t protect Murdock, despite his having been summoned peremptorily by said pratts and wankers. (And probably not permitted to bring his own private security folk.)

And Murdock was supposed to be being haled before this committee of holes (four thousand of them could fill the Albert Hall) to be called to account for actions of his employees which — I have no doubt — he did not approve and had no knowledge of. He’d have to be stupid to have allowed the activity to go on, and Rupert Murdock is not stupid.

And Steyn, sitting in for Rush on Tuesday, made an excellent point. Where are the tribunals holding public officials to account for the utter cockups they’ve made of public affairs and of the global economy for decades?

Why is not Woodrow Wilson hauled up before Congress to account for his evil, awful, racist ways? Where is the committee investigating FDR for the utter abortion that was/is the New Deal? What tribunal has been empaneled to haul Ted Kennedy over the coals? Hubert Humphrey? LBJ? Jimmy Carter?

When will Barack Hussein Obama (Mm-mm-mm!) face any tougher venue than the court of public opinion?

Is it any wonder that frustrated patriots seem so quick to resort to the cartridge box? The witness box seems to have served us so well.

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