UNIONS ARE coercive and fundamentally un-American. Most especially so are public sector (read: government) unions.

Don’t agree? Try this thought experiment: remove the right to strike. Or, rather, remove the requirement that striking workers not lose their positions of employment with the enterprise being struck.

Change things?

This one feature makes union representation of workers extortionate, therefor coercive, therefor un-American. Yet, without it, a union is a paper tiger. Powerless. Severely straitened in its ability to influence negotiations.

Nor do I buy the argument that unions served a purpose in the early days, but went astray somewhere. That smacks to me of Marge Schott’s blathering that Hitler was OK in the beginning. Unions were born in coercive violence, and violate the fundamental precepts of Americanism.

That’s not to leave blameless the corporate employers whose actions are cited as casus belli for the formation of unions. Far from it. They, too, operated in coercive fashion and were no less un-American for all of that. But the corporations — most of them — have reformed, or lie in pieces on the great recycling heap of history.

Can the unions say the same?

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