Resolved: Collectivism is Objectively Evil

IN FACT, BASED ON the Twentieth Century body count alone (100-200 million citizens killed by their governments NOT in war time), collectivism is the greatest evil ever encompassed by the mind of Man.

‘S truth. Not “my” truth or “your” truth, but Capital “T” Truth. Carved in stone on a pillar Truth.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. The facts are there, the reasoning laid out for you to follow or investigate to your own satisfaction.

For example, take the contention that individuals belong to the collective, as infamously advanced by MSNBC host-ette Melissa Harris-Perry (Hyphenated surnames used to be an indicator of bastardy; has that really changed all that much since the practice became a parlor-pink fashion accessory?). The question may be couched as: do they? And the answer is obviously: No. (Or, if you prefer, Oh, HELL no!) And further, the contention is evil and ought to be met with infinite opprobrium.

However, there are those who are willing to put forth greater effort of dispositively stomping out the notion. Such as Brandon Smith of Alt-Market blog, guest posting at Zerohedge.

They promise community, and they give you isolation. They promise prosperity, and they give you servitude. They promise safety, and they give you a land of perpetual terror. They promise purpose, and give you insignificance. They promise peace, and they foment war after war after war, reaping turmoil all around us, as well as within us.


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