Reducing Our Dependence

ON “FOREIGN” OIL… (scorn quotes). Tell me, Mr. Soetoro, which “foreign” regime threatens American interests? Canada (Number 1 supplier)? Mexico (Number 2)? Your good buddy, Oogo Chavez in Venezuela (Number 3)? Russia (number 4)?

OK. I’ll give you the last two. But, for the sake of comparison, Canada sells us — that’s right, sells us — more than the entire Persian Gulf region combined. Almost twice as much.

And you know — you must, the way you’ve been insulting them lately — that the Canadians are sworn enemies of the U.S.

Ucking fidiot.

Look. You people who claim Obama is smart need to get your heads examined. First, he embraces collectivism: prima facie evidence of weak-mindedness. Second: just because he’s a glib smooth talker does not necessarily mean he’s intelligent. It just means he’s memorized his lines. Sort of. ::cough::teleprompter::cough::

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