Reading About the Cordova House Protests

AT THE PEOPLE’S cube, I it occurs to me that, if the voice of the people is still ignored by Our Betters™, maybe we should let the thing go ahead — subject to all the promised monkey warfare, such as delays in building permits and inspections, the refusal of patriotic skilled tradesmen to work on the project, and so forth — and then, when it’s up, tag it.

I mean, when you can’t keep bridges and subway trains from getting a fresh coat of graffiti once a week, why should a stick-in-the-eye mosque be any different?

I bet somebody could do a brisk business in stencils of the image of Mohammed with a bomb on his mind.

I bet after the first gang tagger struck, there’d be mobs of Moslem thugs roaming the streets surrounding the site.

Oh, goody. Gang warfare. Great for community relations.

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