Quote of the Year


“Do we really want to live in a country where when someone busts into your house at night you’re supposed to assume they might be cops?”

Proposed No Trespassing sign:

To you in the stack: You are about to engage in a felony — to whit, aggravated breaking and entering of an occupied structure. As the owner and occupant of this dwelling, I have the right and the legal duty to resist with lethal force. As a sworn officer of the law, you are hereby served notice that, if you do not immediately cease and desist, you will be committing an act in violation of 18USC241 and 242 (posted below). You will be 1) conspiring to infringe upon my constitutionally-protected rights to life, liberty, and property (Amendment X), and 2) doing so under color of law. If a death eventuates from this — either yours, mine, or some third party — you will be in violation of the provision which makes your act a Federal capital crime. Lower your weapon and back away from the house.

Come back in daylight and knock politely.

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