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ME, RANTING AT Dustbury. And it felt so good, I stole it back and brought it home and edited it some. Still a little inchoate, but I think it will serve.

You know, I agree with Luther. I’m getting heartily sick and tired of everybody not IN the BB generation dumping on the Baby Boomers. They’re full of it.

We didn’t set the system up. The pathologies of the Federal government, of income taxes and Social Security and the welfare state were instantiated by our parents and grandparents and their parents and grandparents. And, for what it’s worth, most of THEM got snookered, too.

I hear a lot of crap about a Boomer sense of entitlement. I dunno where you’re hearing this. The media? Noting that people (who have been promised all their lives that certain rewards awaited at the end of it, and, yes, the government wasn’t insane to insist it could make the magic happen) are wondering allowed where the money’s going to come from to honor the promises?

I can’t speak for everybody, but most people my age I know are quite well aware that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, and never expected to see a dime out of it. What most of us are objecting to is that the government, in relentlessly pushing the notion, has effectively foreclosed our pursuing any OTHER options. And that statists yes, even statists among our ranks, although please to notice that most of the leading statist pukes on the Left are NOT Boomers, including most notably, Teddy Kennedy, but also the elder statesment of the ’60s, metonymized by Hubert Humphrey, who locked us into this death spiral, then defended it to — well — the death, have burned so many clock cycles of the political discourse with baffling bullshit in defense of the indefensible, is hardly the fault of an entire generation.

And I should have it noted that, as soon as we judged ourselves mature enough, we REBELLED AGAINST IT. What have YOU done to bring down the leviathan state? Hmmm? (By “YOU”, I mean all the wittering pipsqueaks who apparently can’t take responsibility for their own actions.)

It was our predecessors who brought about progressivism and hollowed out the Democratic party only to fill it again with marxism mislabeled as liberalism. We Boomers kicked off a movement — these days wrongly derided as hippie-ism — founded in respect for individual rights, liberty, local control, and distributed action.

I should also point out that the rabid, marxist-captive leftists were never a majority of the generation, and their influence over events was wildly exaggerated by fellow travelers in the media — Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, et al — none of whom were Boomers, either. And, no, it does not say much nice that their Boomer successors followed on in their footsteps, but who was it told you not to trust them? Boomers. Again.

But, still again, I axe you, what have YOU done to change the way things are?

WE started the tech revolution, by taking an invention of the prior generation and making (against considerable inertia and resistance) microcomputers. We kept the social change that brought about libertarian in outlook, and enforced the same on the Internet when it happened — and then made THAT the most successful commerical enterprise in the history of mankind, in aid of liberty and prosperity all out of proportion. What have our successors done? Twitter? Gimme a break!

All I hear is a bunch of whining about how a previous generation screwed everything up. Sorry. Not buying. We were screwed by our predecessors, but I don’t notice you cutting US any slack. Why should you get it?

Baby Boomers brought you Ronald Reagan. No, he wasn’t one of us, but WE elected him President, and nobody else. We started as Young Republicans for Goldwater. Some of us fell by the wayside, seduced by our generation’s Senator Palpatines. (Yes, I’m looking at you, Hillary Rodham.) But more of us stuck, and the whole liberty movement in counter to the relentless long march to the left that began at the turn of the 20th Century came out it. Yes, we owed a great deal to our parents’ generation in this — to Barry Goldwater, and Phyllis Schlaffley and Taylor Caldwell and Whitaker Chambers and Bill Buckley and many, many more. You’re claiming we did poorly with their legacy?

You slackers so proud of your CCW’s need to thank a hippie that the almighty state our parents worshipped could be moved off the dime enough to GRANT you PERMISSION to exercise your god-given right. Now we’re passing you the ball.


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