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THE MAN HAS an incredibly valid point. They talk all the time about how many people are killed by firearms every year. How many of those are killed by government employees? Half? More? Or don’t they count them?

I think it’s time to take guns out of the hands of the government. They have proved to be far too irresponsible too and should not be allowed to handle them. Time to return guns to the people, who are more responsible and know better how to use them.

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Plus: Joe adds…

We just need some common sense gun regulations for them. Any government employee that is allowed to possess a firearm while on the job should be licensed with strict training requirements. All government guns should be registered. All ammunition use should be documented. All of these records must be put online and be publically available.

Joe tags it as sarcasm, but, me, I’m not so sure. It sounds entirely reasonable to me. Based on what available evidence there is, the general shooting public is far better qualified to safely keep, bear, and use firearms than any agent of the state.

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