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Islam is a serial murderer of entire cultures and peoples. This is what is has done throughout its entire history. Those whom it does not destroy, it enslaves, diminishes and impoverishes. Islam cannot be ‘reformed’ in the light of humanity and freedom. Were that so, it would no longer be Islam. For its psychopathic regard and treatment of women alone, Islam is an abomination and worthy only of extinction.

Ward Dorrity at
Roger’s Rules

It should be noted here that this not to say that any speaker is, by uttering this truth, automatically urging the murder of Muslims — the old “Do you really want war with One Billion Muslims?” dodge. The answer is, “No.” But should go on, “But if One Billion Muslims seek war with me, rest assured they will get it.

Further: I sincerely doubt that One Billion number. The census is far from reliable in the first place — the reporters being well-known and proud liars — as is the sincerity of the profession of faith of all that Billion suspect in the second. Forced conversions being, as the Berra-ism goes, not worth the paper they’re written on.

Which might be a clue as to why the fanatics among them are so fervid in trying to shepherd the flock. Those who stray being so thick on the ground, y’ see…


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