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…[R]eal Americans mostly just want to be left alone by the State, just as they would be pleased if criminals would refrain from breaking into their cars and houses.

But just as we must take precautions against criminals and sociopaths, our well intended liberal fascists force us to take steps against them. Who would want to spend a moment thinking about the likes of Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid unless they were in your face, trying to purloin your slack? What did I ever do to them? Nothing. Indeed, I pay their salary and for their travel, retirement, and healthcare (hair plugs and botox injections included). All I ask in return is that they leave me alone.

Gagdad Bob


Indeed, a most basic freedom is the freedom to be left alone. But it might be definitional of a nanny-statist that he/she/it cannot leave well enough alone.

That there exists this impulse to bother people who are otherwise minding their own business is one reason I believe that the default and dispositive answer to any intrusion by the state is and ought to be “Hell NO!” — enforceable at the point of any handy sporting arm. And that any action taken under such provocation should be seen — as a matter of statute law — to be entirely justified, if not praiseworthy.

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