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“We can spend the rest of our lives fighting these one hundred different fronts. Or we can realize that no matter what your issue is, be it 2nd Amendment, Land Rights, Health Care, Cap and Trade, Children’s Protective Issues, Taxes, the Federal Reserve, or whatever. Each of these issues had the same root cause. That cause is a Federal Government who has ignored the limits placed on them by the Constitution. The Government we suffer under is a usurper Government. An illegitimate body operating outside all legal boundaries established at this government’s founding.

“We can continue to stand apart in sullen indifference to those fellow patriots who are focused on a different usurpation than we, or we can UNITE behind that Constitution. All patriots recognize that document as the essential foundation of what it means to be American.”

–Bob Wright

(Spotted at Sipsey Street Irregulars.)

Not what are you against. That turns into a “What do you got?” situation. No. Say what you are for. The Constitution is it in this country, this time, this fight.

Just don’t let them tangle you up in the whole: “You want to dial it back to the original Constitution? Is that the pre-Bill-of-Rights Constitution, or the pre-blacks-are-3/5-of-a-person Constitution, or the slavery is OK Constitution?”

Remember — as we learned (or relearned) after Harry “Dingey Harry” Ried’s outburst of last week or so: it was the Democrats who fought the elimination of slavery from the original country. It was the Democrats who pushed for the expansion of slavery and forced the Missouri Compromise. It was the Democrats who supported the South in the Civil War, fighting for the preservation of slavery. It was the Democrats who formed the Ku Klux Klan, lynched Blacks, and fought Reconstruction. It was the Democrats who fought integration all through the 19th and 20th Centuries. It was Democrats who filibustered against the Civil RIghts Acts of 1957 and 1964-65. It’s the Left which wants — has wanted — to enslave humanity to their vision of Utopia. It’s the Left which fights against the observation of constitutional limits on the Federal government. It was a leftist, a Democrat, a national leader of the party and the Progressive movement — Nancy Pelosi — who, when asked about the constitutionality of a bill, asked, “Are you serious?”

Yes, she may be stupid. But she booted the most serious question that can be asked of a legislator. Her witlessness doesn’t change the fact that she made that odious rejoinder, and it metonymizes the outlook of the radical far-left fringe which now has a death’s grip on the Democrat party, and (more’s the pity) the country.

Whow! That turned into quite the rant.

(Cross-posted to Eternity Road.)

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