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I hate “Daylight Saving Time” and regard it as a totally bogus excuse to screw up everyone’s life in the quest for one more hour of daylight during the wintertime. This end-of-October ritual and its “spring forward” counterpart is idiotic.

The fact is the daylight or lack of it will be there no matter what the clocks say. You do not “gain” anything by having to change all your clocks and other time pieces. The day remains 24 hours. If you are too stupid to know that it is light or dark outside, nothing this government mandate does will be of much help.

Alan Caruba

While I agree that DST is silly, useless evenn, YA exercise in fascistic power grabs, I do like the chance to malinger twice annually.

I get that. You can sleep in. But… Both ways?

Sure. Whichever way is appropriate, you just… get the extra time by sleeping in until the “real” time to get up. The other one, you just claim you forgot. Or went the wrong direction. Or whatever. Being a lazy S.O.B., I welcome all chances to goldbrick.

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