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[Liberalism] will be seen historically as the great destructive force of our time; much more so than communism, fascism, nazism, or any of the other lunatic creeds which make such immediate havoc. Compared with the long-term consequences of a Gilbert Murray, a Bertrand Russel, a Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, Hitler was an ineffectual dreamer, Stalin a Father Christmas, and Mussolini an Arcadian shephere. It is liberalism which makes the Gaderene swine so frisky; as mankind goes to their last incinerated extinction the voice of the liberal will be heard proclaiming the realization at last of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

–Malcolm Muggeridge
as quoted by William F. Buckley, Jr
in The Jeweler’s Eye, pp 39-40

The word Muggeridge used was liberalism. Regular readers know I have problems with that. Buckley has words for that tendency, as well.

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