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…[I]n indie publishing, the writer does not give over control of his work to anyone.

Dean Wesley Smith

I have been persuaded of the virtues of independent publication for some time.

Well, then, why don’t you?

I’m a world-class procrastinator. I’m working on that.

But, coming from the community I do, (the Online Writers Workshop), it is a matter of course that a lot of my friends and acquaintances will be trad-pubbed, or seeking trad publication. (Of course, there are a few who are indy — Hi, Lindsay! — it’s a mixed bag.) And I listen to the trad-pubbers and, in some cases, have to accept what they say for lack of countervailing evidence — or even anecdotes.

But I must confess myself dubious.

And I realize here lately that this parallels my attitude toward the state: I will accept and stipulate for the sake of discussion that there are things that government can do better, at lower cost, or more efficiently than private enterprise. It only seems logical that there must be some. Somewhere out there. I just haven’t encountered any, yet.

There have to be journeymen and midlisters out there making a good living with traditional publishers. Logic would dictate. It may even be that the overwhelming majority of full-time employed writers of fiction are published out of New York and environs.

I can’t even say, “Just nobody I know,” because it would be a lie.

But, even so, it seems the anecdotes line up on the opposite side.

For whatever it’s worth.

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