Quote of the Day

If somebody says these things to you, he either doesn’t know what he’s talking about or he’s lying to you. (OWTTE*)

–Barack Obama

Yeah. Right.

If somebody lies to you as transparently as Obama did in that speech, he must really think you’re stupid.

Here’s a pro-tip. If you went to a government school in the last forty years, (and I got out forty years ago this coming June), you probably don’t know this, but this is not a new protocol. George Orwell documented it in the novel 1984, which the left doesn’t see so much — as it was intended — as a cautionary tale as an operating manual.

But you should be aware of it, so read the book**. And watch for the behaviors from government. Those guys are not Big Brother, looking out for your benefit. And we have not always been at war with East Asia.

*Or Words To That Effect.

**It may perhaps seem ironic — perhaps even Orwellian to you — when you realize that all of Orwell’s works were removed from Project Gutenberg some years ago.

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