Quote of the Day

OCCUPY THIS edition, from Jeff Goldstein.

As these astroturfed spectacles gain more and more media attention, remember this: the Democrats, and the Obama Administration in particular, own this. And the problem with enlisting the aid of anti-Semitic Marxist anarchists to try to turn the “middle class” against the banks and corporations (incidentally, a necessary, manufactured and orchestrated step for bringing about a public outcry for socialism, according to Cloward-Piven and Alinsky), is that you can’t spell “useful idiots” without “idiots” — and at the end of the day, your revolutionary foot soldiers are precisely the kind of people who will erupt in violence, gin up race hatreds, give voice to anti-capitalist/anti-Semitic sentiment, and, of, course, begin taking dumps on cars.

– And all for a demonstrable lie.

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