Quets-chun Fer Ya

OK. SO THE COOLING of the last decade is no indicator that warming concerns are overblown.

Even though the drop in (measured) global temperatures over the last decade negates the warming of the previous 100+ years.

When James Hansen first pointed up the warming trend (in Congressional testimony) in 1988, how long a timeline was he working from…? When exactly did the cooling trend from the ’40s to the ’70s end?

(Hint: the answer can be found at CO2Science.org. Follow the links through to the data sets. Pick one. (The GHCN is the one that the .gov is using to rationalize its crime.) Start in 1940 (just because it’s a round figure) and generate a trend curve for various end points from 1976 to … say … 1982. At what point does that cooling trend become a warming trend?)

Remember that the warming STOPPED in 1998. Eleven years ago. But that’s not long enough to show a trend. But Hansen, in 1988, could already spot a trend that started in …




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