Pusillanimous Pussyfooters

THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION, feigning to want to avert a nuclear war in the middle east with their feckless…

“Feckless?” FECKLESS? I’d say it’s all fecked up.

(Your accent is slipping, Dolly.)

…feckless dealings — or lack of them — with the thugocracy of Iran and their throwing of Israel under the bus, will — as all such leftist pusillanimity always does — actually bring about that war.

Hasten it, even.

By withdrawing support from Israel — possibly, as one “wit” (quoted here by Flea) couched it, cutting off the fuel and ammunition — Obama will force the Israelis to act precipitously in order to avert (there’s that word again) a plainly inevitable catastrophe. Foreseeing that emboldened Arabs and Persians, perceiving a possibly fatally weakened Israel will attack — possibly on multiple fronts — Israel will seek to protect its tiny and fragile core by striking outwards at a time and place of its own choosing.

Probably against Iran’s nukes.

Probably indecisively.

Probably sparking a conflict which will quickly reach nuclear temperatures.

Thus so-called “progressives” (scorn quotes) and their desires for “peace” actually bring about war.


Not to mention that the abandonment of Israel to its own devices is morally indefensible.

That, too.

*Bill Safire, R.I.P.

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