Public Notice to Mr. Simon Leathers

OF THE ASHFORD/ST. PETERS HOSPITALS of the UK National Health Service:

Dear Mr. Leathers;

This is my second notice to you. (First notice attached.) Your site for the Ashford/St. Peters hospitals of the NHS is in violation of my copyright in the URL of…

This page not only mirrors and/or reproduces my original copyrighted material, it continues to do so subsequent to and despite my earlier notice. My previous notice to you was dated the sixth of this month, and there is content on the above-linked page from today (January 21, 2012). This is egregious and must cease immediately. If my material and links to my site are not removed from your server by end of business UK time Monday, January 23, I will be forced to file suit against you personally and against the hospitals in UK courts. As I am sure you must be aware, given the notices posted on your site concerning your compliance with internationally-accepted standards and best practices of Web site construction and operation, you will lose.

I trust you shall find this notice sufficient motivator to make the corrections on your site immediately.

You may notice also that I have posted this message directly on my site, in case you might miss this email, so you’ll see it in my pirated content.

Most sincerely,

Mark Philip Alger

Update: I have heard from the head of IT governance for the hospitals and they have corrected the matter. Kudos and thanks go to Mr. Andrew Fitzgerald for his quick action. (Bumped.)

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