Projection, Always Projection

YOU SHOULD KNOW by now that Leftists engage in projection and transferrance. One might almost suspect it’s the only way they can deal with the cognitive dissonance between their world view and reality. So the immediate leap to accuse rightists of fomenting violence in our rhetoric can only be driven by a guilty conscience. Especially when, in reality, virtually all political violence — and violent rhetoric — comes, and has come for well over a century, from origins on the Left.

The real wonder to me is how reasonable leftists — and surely there must be some — can hear outraged reactions from the Right to the Left’s manifest and manifold outrages and not jump to excuse it on the basis of our victimization by those who lie, cheat, steal, demean our nation’s heritage, ideals, and values.

Well, no. I do get why the Right could never be accorded victim status. Still…

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