Progress on Work

DISCOVERY IS UP TO 1,260 words. Slow going, but I’m loving where it’s going. It will be quite different from Report and quite possibly astonish readers. We’ll see.

I’ve also been doing some daydreaming on titles and cover art. The concept for the latter is coalescing, mostly around changes in the former. I’ve been playing with the concept of the Apocrypha as a series, which it is, and thinking of ways to tie the different books together externally — on their covers. I’m playing with the notion of following a Article, Noun, Noun, Noun pattern, where the first two nouns relate to where the story takes place or the key bit of action that defines the story. (Sort of like what I have now, but with a twist.) The last noun is one of the several words given in translation for the Greek word upothesa, which are: affair; hypothesis; assumption; business; case; concern; cause; matter; conjecture; premise; presumption; shebang; supposition. So, worked out in first draft, the new series of titles becomes…

  • NX: The New Xenaland Concern
  • DX: The Discovery Conjecture
  • DS: The Double Snatch Affair
  • MJ: The Moose Jaw Incident
  • DD: The Dynasty Divine Matter
  • XO: The Great Crossover Episode
  • DO: A Doll’s Odyssey
  • DB: The Dolly’s Birthday Shebang

You’ll notice that some of the stories are missing. Those will be incorporated into these or dropped altogether, for a number of reasons either way.

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